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Safe Employee of the Month – November 2022

Perry Engineering has chosen Billy Calhoun as our safe employee of the month. Billy has been employed with us as an equipment operator for 4 years. His foreman wrote, “Billy is a loader operator for the pipe crew. He will always go grab everything first thing in the morning and put in his loader bucket to do the job and bring it to the ditch. He will bring the ladder and stake it down and move it down the ditch as we lay pipe. He always uses 3 points of contact when climbing in and out of his loader. He wears his hard hat and safety glasses everywhere he goes his job duties and cuts pipe and always makes sure to wear his gloves and face shield along with his ear plugs. He tries to keep spoil piles moved when we are in tight spots and don’t have alot of room to work and doesn’t crowd ditches with materials and spoils. He will say something if he sees a potential hazard such as a rock that maybe on the slope that needs taken out before someone enters. He will stand over a manhole if someone is working inside and let operators know someone is inside so they are aware and stay away if possible to find another route.” Billy Calhoun exemplifies the Perry Priorities of Safety, Quality, Production.