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2022 Safe Crews of the Year

Perry Engineering would like to announce our 2022 Safe Crews of the Year:

Large Grading Crew – Colby Fisher, James Eaton, George Saville

Small Grading Crew – Tim Mullins, Jon James

The Safe Crews of the Year (SCY) awards are chosen from the quarterly award winners. At the end of the award year, the points are totaled for the SCY contestants and the crew in each division that has the highest points is declared the division winner. The award is based on the crew’s complete safety performance for the year, including the percentage of weekly safety meetings completed, percentage of crew safety suggestions submitted, percentage of daily JHAs completed, percentage of weekly safety inspections completed, results of safety inspections conducted by external inspectors, and safety disciplinary actions required, SCY crew members must have been on the crew during at least one quarterly win in order to qualify for the award. The Safe Crews of the Year awards include monetary awards, a selection of Carhartt apparel with embroidery that features the Company logo and award reference, a certificate and hardhat sticker, and an article in the local newspaper and the company website. The awards were presented during the Company’s annual breakfast on November 17, 2022.

Congratulations to this year’s winners and thank you to all of the employees for your hard work and diligence in keeping safety our primary focus.