July Monthly Safety Award

The July 2015 monthly safety suggestion award went to Tracey Marston’s crew.  The topic was “Employees who don’t want to work safely or follow rules”.  Henry Ford was the only crew member when the suggestion was submitted, but additional crew members were later added and participated in the lunch: James Jircitano, James Peer, and Donnie […]

Perry’s Safety Director Addresses NSVSN on New Construction Confined Space Standard

Ken Pracht, Perry Engineering’s Safety Director, was guest speaker at the August 2015 meeting of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Safety Network (NSVSN).  He spoke about the new OSHA 29 CPR 1926 Subpart AA Confined Spaces in Construction standard, comparing and contrasting it with the confined space standard for general industry and the VOSH Virginia unique […]

2015 – 2nd Quarter Safety Award Winners

The following crews won the 2nd Quarter Safety Award for their exceptional safety performance: Grading Crew – Mike Clem – George Didawick – Jack Smoot – Stacey Marston – Kevin Dotxon Pipe Crew – Wayne Anderson – Clark Rasmussen – Randy Sims – Richard Smith – Billy Rieger Gas Crew – Brad Allen – Mark […]

June 2015 Safety Suggestion Lunches

There was a tie for the winning crew of the June safety suggestion award. The topic was “Small Vehicle Safety around Construction Equipment”.  Mike Clem’s and Tracey Marston’s crews tied for the win, so lunches were awarded to both crews. Mike’s crew included George Didawick, Jack Smoot, Stacey Marston, and Kevin Dotson with lunch being […]

Trex – Cookout May 30, 2015

On Saturday May 30, 2015, Perry Engineering hosted a cookout at the Trex project to say thank you to our employees who have been working 7 days a week to meet the very tight schedule on this job.  They have been working 11 hours per day Mon-Fri, 10 hours on Saturdays and 8 hours on […]

Safety Lunch – May 12, 2015

On May 12, 2015 a safety lunch was held with Mike Clem, Stacey Marston, Donald Didawick, Kevin Dotson, Jake Kline, Laura Cooper, and Ken Pracht in attendance.  Mike’s crew submitted a winning safety suggestion for the month of March relating to the topic of preventing dump trucks from overturning.  Their suggestions, as well as good […]

Safety Lunch – May 2015

On May 14, 2015 a safety lunch was held with Mike Perry, Kevin Firebaugh, Billy Rudolph, Tracey Marston, Dale Ash, Henry Ford, Roy Utt, Mike Spouse and Ken Pracht in attendance.  Tracey’s crew submitted a winning safety suggestion for the month of April relating to the topic of seat belt use.  The suggestions they submitted, […]

Stop Falls Certificate 2015

From May 4 – 15, 2015 Perry Engineering participated in OSHA’s National and VOSH’s State Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.  Tailgate safety meetings were held on each of our projects to discuss fall hazards and fall prevention measures.  Even though Perry doesn’t do roofing or steel erection and isn’t exposed to the most […]

2014 – 4th Quarter Safety Award Winners

Grading Crew – Curtis Bass – Andy Didawick – Merle Drury – Ronald Roomsburg Pipe Crew – Rick Vaughn – Juan Cruz – Wayne Good – Tom Lambert – Mark Propst Gas Crew – Brad Allen – Mark Jordan – Edgar Baker

2015 – 1st Quarter Safety Award Winners

Grading Crew – Mike Clem – George Didawick – Stacey Marston – Brian May – Jack Smoot – Jason Warner Pipe Crew – Rick Vaughn – Wayne Good – Tom Lambert – James Peer – Mark Propst – Ronald Roomsburg Gas Crew – Brad Allen – Mark Jordan – Edgar Baker