Commitment to Safety

Perry Engineering is committed to getting the project built safely, on time, and within budget. Our employees are our most valuable asset and we want to ensure they return safely home to their families each night. Doing something safely is recognized as an inseparable element of “doing it right” just as much as efficiency, quality, productivity, or any criteria of excellence.

Commited to Safety

Safety Culture

Safety begins with a commitment from top management and extends throughout the workforce. Top management is actively involved on our safety committee to ensure safety is priority one. Our field supervisors are held accountable for safety through inspections and performance reviews. We also require our subcontractors to uphold our high standards of safety.

Full Time Safety Director

Our full-time Certified Safety Professional leads our safety efforts, and is involved in the project from pre-bid to final completion.  He provides program development, observation and inspection, analysis, recordkeeping, training, and serves as a liaison with various agencies, municipalities, owners and contractors.

His qualifications include:
– Bachelor of Science – Safety Engineering Technology
– Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
– Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSHM)
– American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Professional Member
– OSHA 502 certified trainer for 10/30 hour Construction Safety Outreach
– VA State Corporation Commission Underground Utility Damage Prevention trainer
– ATSSA Traffic Control Design Specialist (TCDS)
– VDOT Basic/Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control Training instructor and Flagger instructor
– US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management – Contractor (CQM-C)
– EPA AHERA Supervisor
– VA DMME General Mineral Miner Approved Instructor
– 25+ years of safety experience

 Safety Committee

Our safety committee is comprised of corporate management, site supervision and hourly field employees.  The committee meets at least monthly to discuss needs, concerns, suggestions and incidents.

 Safety Training

Safety training begins with a new employee safety orientation structured around the employee’s assigned duties.  Safety training continues as the employee advances and acquires additional duties and responsibilities.

Our field supervisors have the following minimum training:
– 12 hours of Leadership training through Lord Fairfax Community College
– OSHA 30 hour Construction Safety Outreach
– First Aid & CPR
– Underground Utility Damage Prevention
– VDOT Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control
– VDOT ESCCC erosion control
– VA DEQ Responsible Land Disturber
– VA General Mineral Miner (as required)
– MSHA miner (as required)
– PHMSA Operator Qualification (natural gas crews)

Safety training also includes weekly tailgate safety meetings and project safety meetings with field supervision and hourly employees at various points during the project.

Safety training begins with a new employee safety orientation structured around the employee’s assigned duties.  Safety training continues as the employee advances and acquires additional duties and responsibilities. 100% of our field employees have OSHA 10- or 30-hour Construction Safety Outreach training.

Safety Program and Site Specific Safety Plans

Perry Engineering’s Safety Policy Manual addresses all topics required by federal OSHA and MSHA and state agencies such as VOSH and VDOT, as well as Company specific safety rules that go beyond merely complying with minimum safety requirements.  Our Safety Policy Manual is not a dust collector on a shelf, but is an integral part of our daily operations.

We strictly enforce a written Substance Abuse Policy to help prevent drugs and alcohol from affecting employee safety. The SAP includes pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing for all employees.

Site safety includes a thorough safety review of the project scope of work.  A site specific safety plan including an Activity Hazard Analysis is prepared for each phase of work so that we can address hazards before they result in a loss. Safety hazards are continually evaluated and controlled through weekly safety inspections by site supervision and monthly safety inspections by the Safety Director.  Safety Kickoff meetings to review site specific safety issues are held with each crew and subcontractor for each new phase of work on a project.

Post-Incident Investigation

Should a safety related incident occur, an investigation is conducted to determine exactly what happened and what needs to be done to prevent it from reoccurring.  The lessons learned from the investigation are communicated to all field supervision and hourly employees via meetings, training, and/or memos.

Safety Responsibilities

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In order to carry out our Safety Program, the following responsibilities are assigned.

Corporate Managers will:

  1. Establish responsibilities, procedures, and methods for adhering to the Company Safety Program and Site Specific Safety Plan.
  2. Provide each Supervisor with training, information and resources necessary to comply with all safety requirements as specified by the Company and by various governmental agencies.
  3. Assist in coordinating and developing site specific safety plans to comply with job requirements which may differ from our Corporate policy.
  4. Notify subcontractors of their responsibilities to comply with all safety regulations affecting their work.
  5. Develop enforcement guidelines to assure compliance with all safety rules, regulations, and procedures.
  6. Not compromise safety for production, scheduling, budget, or any other reason.

Site Supervisors will:

  1. Ensure that the Company Safety Program and Site Specific Safety Plan are carried out at the work level.
  2. Set the example for the workers under their control and promote safety as the primary objective in their work.
  3. Provide safety related training to new employees and as part of each new operation undertaken.
  4. Be familiar with safety laws, rules, and procedures and enforce compliance among the hourly employees.
  5. Ensure that subcontractors follow safety laws, rules, and procedures when performing their work.
  6. Communicate effectively to provide a safe work environment.
  7. Not compromise safety for production, scheduling, budget, or any other reason.

All workers will:

  1. Work according to good safety practices as outlined in the Company Safety Policy Manual and Site Specific Safety Plan.
  2. Promptly report unsafe conditions, safety concerns, and safety incidents to their immediate supervisor.
  3. Not compromise safety for production, scheduling, budget, or any other reason.

Any employee who sees an unsafe condition or unsafe practice is authorized to shut down the work until corrections are made.

 Employee Safety Rewards

We reward employees for good safety performance.  Those rewards include:

– A “Safety Hazard of the Month” suggestion program in which crews can submit suggestions on how to eliminate, reduce or improve a chosen safety hazard.  The Safety Committee chooses the best suggestions to adopt as standard practice and awards the chosen crew (s) with a breakfast or lunch meal.  Corporate management attends the meal which allows an informal opportunity for crew members to speak directly with corporate managers.

-For any site, crew, or individual employee that has participated in a federal or state agency (OSHA, VOSH, MSHA, VDOT, FMCSA Roadside, etc) safety inspection in which no violations were issued, a $25 award will be given to each participating employee.

-On a quarterly basis, each crew’s safety performance is reviewed by the Safety Committee.  This includes safety inspection results, training, safety record keeping, etc.  The Safety Committee selects the Grading crew, Gas crew and  Pipe crew with the best safety performance for the quarter and each crew member receives a $150 bonus.  The crews that received the quarterly award are then eligible for the Safe Crew of the Year award which is a $250/person bonus and a custom company jacket.  All award recipients also have their names posted in an advertisement in the Winchester Star newspaper.  These awards recognize crews for doing proactive things to prevent injuries and incidents.


4 years and 1 million work hours with no lost workday injuries.  Our workers comp EMR is 0.74.  We have had no OSHA citations in the past 7 years and have had 7 inspections.
We have 0% FMCSA out-of-service rate.