Snowden Bridge Boulevard Extension – Stephenson, VA

Project Description:  Construction of approximately 1 mile of paved road with a bridge that is 126 feet in length.  The bridge crosses CSX railroad line.  Includes coordination of major utilities (ie overhead power lines, jack/bore water line under railroad).   Grading of approximately 75,000 cy including rock removal and sinkhole remediation.  Utility work consists of 3,300 […]


Project Description:  Sitework for improvements to Rt. 37 interchange.  On Rt 522 we are adding another turn lane; Southbound ramp has a total reconstruction including roundabout and access to WMC property on west side of Rt. 37; Northbound ramp is being adjusted to meet the improvements to Southbound and give additional options once on ramp.  […]

Route 522 Force Main Extension – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Installing 3,500 lf of new force main in median of Rt. 522 and then installing approx. 2,400 lf of new force main thru existing shopping center to connect to existing line across Rt. 37.  Project includes 3 ea road bores.

Millwood Avenue Improvements – Phase 1 – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Construction of a right-turn lane on ex. road, reconfiguration of an intersection, modification to several business entrances, installation of new traffic signal at reconfigured intersection, installation of new stormwater infrastructure including a BMP facility and site restoration.  This work will be performed  on a major road thru Winchester so traffic control will be […]

Maranto Drive Lot 3 Road Improvements

Project Description:  Construct left turn lane for lot 3 while maintaining traffic.  Includes reconstruction of concrete median and pavement overlay.

Southeast Connector – VDOT B85

Project Description:  Construction of 0.6 miles of roadway to connect ex. Stone Spring Road to Port Republic Road.  Includes traffic control while constructing intersection with Peach Grove Road.  Also includes installation of box culvert, bioretention basin, storm sewer, water relocation, sanitary sewer relocation, traffic signalization, site concrete and asphalt paving.

VDOT – Rt. 636 #(NFO)0636-021-152,M501 – Berryville, VA

Project Description:  Extend Mosby Boulevard and install roundabout at intersection with Route 7.  Completed six months ahead of schedule.  Included coordination with utility companies on relocation of ex. lines, maintaining safe driving lanes for public and completion of roundabout prior to school opening.

Erickson Avenue Phase III – Harrisonburg, VA

Project Description:  Construction of new connection road along with associated storm, water, and sanitary sewer improvements.  Road connects Phase 1 and Phase 2 that we also constructed by Perry Engineering.

VDOT – Rt. 623 #(NFO)0623-085-709,M501 – Shenandoah County, VA

Project Description:  Improve sight distance at intersection in rural area.  Including temporary signalization for traffic control.

Maranto & Tasker Road Improvements – Frederick County, VA

Project Description:  Offsite road improvements, grading, paving, curb and gutter, drainage, utilities and signalization.