Safe Employee of the Month – April 2017

Perry Engineering would like to recognize Phillip “Andy” Didawick as our Safe Employee of the Month for April 2017. Andy is a track loader operator and has been employed by Perry Engineering for 28 years. He was nominated by his foreman who wrote: “Andy always pays attention to his surroundings. He always points things out […]

April 2017 Safety Suggestion Lunch

Brian Shifflett’s crew won the April 2017 monthly Crew Safety Suggestion contest.  Crews are encouraged to submit safety suggestions and the supervisors vote for the best submission each month, with the winning crew receiving a breakfast or lunch award. The topic this month was “If you were training a newly hired operator, what 3 things […]

March 2017 Safety Suggestion Lunch

Tyler Smith’s crew won the March 2017 safety suggestion lunch. The topic was “preventing theft from the job”, and their suggestions included storing all materials in a highly visible area that is well lit, parking all equipment together in a highly visible area and parking equipment against the front and rear of the tool trailer, […]

January-February 2017 Safety Suggestion Breakfast

A combined Jan-Feb safety suggestion breakfast was held at Golden Corral for Jeff Kline’s and Tyler Smith’s crews. Jeff’s crew had submitted a January safety suggestion regarding crew safety when working alongside other contractors in a small area. They suggested that the foreman meet with the crew before beginning work each day to review the […]

Safe Employee of the Month – March 2017

Perry Engineering has chosen Glenn “Frank” Combs as our Safe Employee of the Month. Frank has worked for us 17 years as an equipment operator and grading foreman. He was nominated by one of his foremen who  wrote: “Frank is very safe and careful when operating the track hoe. Always looks around work area. Carefully […]

Safe Employee of the Month – February 2017

Safe Employee of the Month Perry Engineering has chosen Homer Hull as our Safe Employee of the Month. Homer has been employed with us for a year and a half as an equipment operator. He was nominated by two of his foremen who commented, “Homer always looks out for everyone when running equipment, always does […]

January 2017 First Aid/CPR Classes

January 2017 First Aid/CPR Classes In January 2017 Perry Engineering held several First Aid/CPR recertification classes for Supervisors. All Supervisors are required to hold valid First Aid/CPR certifications and other hourly employees are offered the opportunity to participate voluntarily.        

February 2017 VDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Class

  February 2017 VDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Class     In February 2017 Perry Engineering held a VDOT Intermediate 2-Day Work Zone Traffic Control Class for 8 employees plus another local contractor. This is a requirement for anyone who supervises the installation/removal of traffic control devices. The class is a comprehensive study of traffic control principles and […]

January 2017 OSHA 30-Hour Class

January 2017 OSHA 30-hour Class In January 2017 Perry Engineering held an OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety Outreach class for 12 employees. Included in the class were Project Managers, Field Supervisors, and a few hourly employees who asked to be in the class. A few of the topics we covered were the OSHA Focus-4 hazards, trenching, […]

2017 Supervisor Training

2017 Supervisor Training In February 2017 all of our field supervisors participated in annual management training through Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions. The topic was Balancing Priorities – How to Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines, and Expectations. This is very relevant in the daily life of a construction foreman or superintendent and the concepts we […]